We are a unique local congregation of Redemption Church, which is one church made up of multiple congregations each seeking to embody the hope of the Gospel in their local area. This means that we continually strive to be formed in the faith, as we pursue faithfulness in community, for the sake of God’s redemptive mission. Keep reading below for more information on ways you can get connected to our church or click the link below to fill out an online Connect Card and one of our staff would be happy to reach out to you.

New Here?

Welcome to Redemption Tempe! We’d love to help you get connected to the life of our church.

New Here provides the opportunity for people who are new at Redemption to meet each other, and learn more about who we are as a church. By attending New Here, you will know what next steps to take at Redemption Tempe.

New Here Class


"We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life. "
-Romans 6:4

Baptism is an outward expression of this inward transformation. It symbolically portrays a Believer’s identification with the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It proclaims to all that we have died to our old self and now live in the freedom of new life in Christ as a forgiven child of God and devoted follower of Jesus. Baptism follows the example set by Jesus, found in Mark 1:9. Our new life with new priorities and passions expressed in ministry also begins with an act of obedience in being baptized. To sign up for our next round of baptisms, click the link below.

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As followers of Christ we are called to be humble servants of one another (Galatians 5:13, 1 Peter 4:10, Philippians 2:1-7). And where the people of God respond to meet the needs of others around them, the church thrives. We have a diversity of needs in the church, needs that are always surfacing and evolving, and we depend on our volunteers. Volunteers lead groups, take out trash, counsel hurting people, change diapers, make videos, play music, edit documents, clean bathrooms…the list is endless. Some people find opportunities to serve in ways that align with their gifts. Others simply respond to a need that they see (taking out the trash isn’t a spiritual gift, but someone needs to do it). Some volunteering requires a long term commitment, like Children’s Ministry. Some is temporary, like giving a ride home. All of it is important. Sometimes the greatest way to bless others is to simply give your time to serve them. Sometimes the strongest community is built among those who serve shoulder to shoulder together. We encourage you to find a way to serve within your congregation and we’ve listed some opportunities to do so below.

Volunteering in Redemption Kids

Redemption Kids is made possible by volunteers who want to provide intentional, loving care for the children in our community. Our volunteers go through a thorough screening process, which includes an application and background check, age-appropriate training and classroom observation. To learn more, visit our Redemption Kids page, or if you are interested in volunteering with Redemption Kids, please fill out the online application.

Sunday Service Teams

Our Sunday Service Teams  help create a warm and welcoming environment for the congregation on Sundays and ensure the service flows smoothly – plus they are a great way to meet new people! To join a Sunday Service Team, you’ll start by going to one of our Volunteer Orientations, which you can sign up for HERE.

City Outreach Opportunities & Global Partnerships

Our City Outreach Groups consist of service opportunities and partnerships with organizations in our city to serve identified areas of need and love our neighbors. Through Global Partnerships, we serve, learn and assist leaders and organizations in China and Guatemala. Both of these offer great ways to serve tangible needs, learn and grow in the Gospel and build community with others. To learn more, visit our City Outreach & Global Partnerships page, or sign up HERE.


"Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce"
- Proverbs 3:9

Everything we have is a gift from the Lord because He owns it all. Therefore giving should be a priority for us who have received all we have. Giving cheerfully, sacrificially, and consistently is a part of our worship.

Give Online
Redemption Communities (small groups)

We believe that God designed us to be in relationship with one another and that there is simply no substitute for doing life with others in a shared pursuit of honoring God. The purpose of Redemption Communities is to gather together regularly to refresh and apply the gospel to all of life. Redemption Communities (RCs) are leader-facilitated and typically meet in homes. Activities vary from group to group and week to week but may involve any combination of eating, Bible engagement, learning, playing, sharing, celebrating, praying, and serving.

If you are looking to get connected to community at Redemption Tempe, look no further. The Community Launch Class is the onramp into community, and it provides a fun atmosphere to learn more about the various types of communities that exist at Redemption Tempe. By attending this class, you will understand what communities we have, why community is important, and how to get connected to a community; especially to a Redemption Community (RC).


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Committing to your local church

Membership provides a way to determine who is committed to the mission, doctrine, and values of Redemption Church – our local expression of the body of Christ. Such delineation is not meant to be elitist or divisive. It is not meant to create different classes within the body. Rather, it simply recognizes that there are people within any expression of the body of Christ at varying levels of commitment – and that’s okay. But as an intentional community with a mission and purpose, it is helpful to know who is committed and who is simply curious.

Should I become a member?

Scripture tells us that leaders within the church are called to “equip the saints – or believers – for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God” (Eph 4:12-13). Essentially, we are called to function as one body, made up of many members, with Jesus Christ as our head, working together to grow into maturity (1 Cor 12:12-31). When all believers – not just church staff – embrace the importance of their role in the church community, the body of Christ is able to function with all of the faculties it is supplied with. And when each part is working properly, the body grows into health and strength (Eph 4:16). So you should not enter into the membership covenant because you’ve been around Redemption a while and figure it’s the next step or “something you should do.” Nor should you enter into the membership covenant simply to say, “Redemption is where I go to church.” That’s part of it, but membership is more than that. It is an informed commitment to the doctrine and vision of Redemption Church, a willing submission to the leadership of the church, and an intentional embrace of your role in the body of Christ and the mission of the church.

How does a person become a member?

The process of becoming a member takes place at the local Redemption congregation that an individual or family is committing to. Look for opportunities provided by the leadership of your local congregation to go through the membership process. The structure and time frame of the process may vary slightly based on the factors involved, but in each case the process will include (1) attendance of a class that goes through the Redemption Membership Packet, (2) a meeting with a pastor/elder, and (3) the signing of a Membership Covenant. To sign up for the next round of Membership Classes, click the link below

See our Membership Packet HERE

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Leadership Development

We desire to train leaders for their place in the church, the workplace, the community and the home. We have developed training tools designed to give leaders biblical lenses to see life in the context of the greater mission of God in all of creation. We want to help our leaders focus on the big story of the Gospel story, the application of the gospel in our lives and the larger purpose of God’s people in the mission of God. The Surge Network is a growth in your faith and leadership. See the link for more info.