About R/KIDS Volunteer Team

The Redemption Kids ministry would not be possible without our wonderful volunteers who graciously provide their time to intentionally love and care for the children in our community. As a volunteer, you’ll receive fantastic training and opportunities for in-classroom observation before you join the team. Come have fun with us and experience an opportunity to serve others while connecting in a real way with our wonderful community of volunteers and families. Be a beautiful part of deepening the faith of children, while growing your own in the process.

If you are interested in volunteering, sign up at the link below, talk to any of our R/KIDS supervisors, or fill out a connect card in the Sanctuary with your name and email address. We look forward to connecting with you!

Our Team’s Values

1. We believe in providing a safe and engaging space for all kids to encounter Jesus.
2. We believe in supporting parents as the primary shepherds of their children.
3. We believe that R/kids is a place where real fun and real faith happens.

Bre's Story

"I believe that the volunteers learn and gain from R/Kids just as much if not more than the kids do!”

We asked Bre Peoples about her experience in Redemption Kids. Here is what she had to say. “I decided to become an R/Kids volunteer because I love working with kids and because I loved the program my church had when I was a kid myself. I’m so glad I did, not only for the community of volunteers and Redemption staff but also because I think that working with these kids and loving them like Christ does is such an amazing way to get to know Jesus and live out His plan for us in a tangible way.” She knows this role comes with challenges but suggested this: “working with the babies can be hectic at times but it’s also so incredible to be the people that parents can trust their child with and nothing makes me feel closer to the Lord than a baby falling asleep in my arms.”

What To Expect as an R/Kids Volunteer
Sundays at R/Kids Tempe is an exciting gathering of our community to connect with each other, learn about God’s great story, and worship Jesus together. Volunteers arrive in classrooms 30 minutes before the service starts to meet with the lead teacher to pray together and review the lesson. For kids in Pre-K through 4th grade, the experience starts right when they walk in the door with themed activity pages, questions to discuss with each other and their teachers, and fun opening games. Next, the classes all gather together for Round-Up, a time where they sing songs, learn our Big Picture bible themes and hear a bible story told in just the right way for kid ears. Then, it’s back to classrooms for study questions, more games and active learning opportunities, and a prayerful review.  For younger kids birth to toddler age, you can expect similar engaging, active, and nurturing experiences adjusted to their age abilities and developmental stage.
As a volunteer you will have a consistent connection with your volunteer team. You will be prayed with and prayed for. Each Sunday you will have opportunity to interact with kids on their level as you join them in completing activities, playing games, learning from the Bible and worshiping through song. You’ll be able to get to know kids as they return week after week and discover their joys as well as their struggles and questions. Most importantly, you will be able to love and care for them with the love of Christ. You will experience Christ’s work in you in a brand new way.

Kyle's Story

"One of my favorite memories was during a discussion over material and the leaders asked if Jesus were to walk in the room what would you ask him, do, etc. One kid politely raised his hand and said I would run to Him and just give Him a hug and thank Him (for forgiving my sins). Then I would ask Jesus if He wanted some ice cream. Yes! They understand the relationship better than us sometimes.”

We asked Kyle Rosendale about his experience in R/Kids. Here is what he had to say. “I have been volunteering for the past three years and have seen kids age out of my class and on to the next ones. You see that level of understanding that has been built over the years when you look back at how they used to answer questions or interact with the Bible. Even in the week to week you get kids that come up to you and say remember when we learned x,y,z last week or last month.” On the topic of his decision to join he added “To be honest, I couldn’t come up with a good reason not to. The church needed the help at the time and so I stepped into the gap. I also know as the Church we are called to come along side families and support them in raising their children and this is just one opportunity to do that.”