These resources are to serve you and your community as you read the Bible together. It will be updated throughout the year with quotes, books, videos, and other helpful elements to help you faithfully engage the Bible.

Here are the essential resources to get you started (click to see and download):

True Story Project Overview & SQUID Approach

Reading Plan

How To Use Reading Plan

Resource List


We have a regular podcast in which various leaders will help to answer questions and discuss important themes as we read through the Bible. To listen to the latest podcasts, click here.

White Board Sessions

We have filmed short videos that discuss and model the SQUID approach for different passages of Scripture. To watch previous sessions: click here. In the video below, Teena Dare talks through the SQUID approach and how to work through each step.

Implications from Redemption Tempe on Vimeo.

The Bible Project has created a number of rich theological and visually stimulating videos that provide an overview of various books in Scripture and the major themes throughout the Bible. Below you’ll find the Bible Project videos that coincide with this week of our reading plan. These are really helpful as we approach new books and themes within the story. For the full list of videos, click here.

Revelation, chp 1-11

Revelation, chp 12-22

Theme Video: Heaven & Earth

Other Video Resources

The True Story of the World: This video provides an accessible summary of the main points of the Drama of Scripture, and also explains how western culture affects the way we engage the Bible. See the video below:

Dust to Glory: These videos explain the major themes and events throughout the entire Biblical story.

The Making of The Bible -Tim Mackie of The Bible Project explains how the Bible came into existence and addresses important questions surrounding the Canon.


Find all these books in our dedicated Amazon store:

*ESV Study Bible or NIV Zondervan Study Bible: We encourage everyone to invest in a study Bible because it’s the single most comprehensive resource to help you understand Scripture. It contains commentary, cross-references, maps, and other helpful resources.

*YouVersion Bible app: This free app will allow you to always have the Bible in your pocket. It has both the text and audio version of the whole Bible.

*The Bible Experience (audio Bible): Some people prefer to listen to Scripture rather than read it. That’s totally okay! It’s how the original audience would have engaged God’s Word. We recommend this particular audio Bible because of it’s rich and dramatic reading that draws us into the Story.

Drama of Scripture by Mike Goheen: This fantastic book helps you understand why it’s important to read the Bible as a comprehensive story that gives meaning to all of life.

*How to Read the Bible Book by Book by Gordon Fee: This book provides an accessible and comprehensive explanation of each book of the Bible, and it provides specific advice for engaging each particular book.

Resources for R/Kids + Families

Jesus Storybook Bible


The Bible App for Kids
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Jesus Storybook Bible Videos

As an attendee at Redemption Tempe, you get free access to RightNowMedia.Org, which is like a Netflix for Spiritual Growth. If you need access to Right Now Media, please use this link to fill out the request form:

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