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A Light to My Path

Craig St. John / August 20, 2016
God's Word, Psalms, Sermons, True Story Project

By Kadi Weinland Anyone who has even taken a glance at Psalm 119 knows it’s not your typical psalm. It is, in fact, […]

Wash me white as snow, and I will be made whole

Craig St. John / July 22, 2016
Forgiveness, Psalms

By David Conley Growing up in the Midwest where the four seasons are a constant renewal of the landscape, I was reminded of […]

God’s Presence in the Shade and in the Shadows

Craig St. John / July 8, 2016
Justice, Lament, Mission, Psalms

By Deana Rogers I can’t get my mind off of the Preemptive Love families and workers who have been risking their lives to […]

Should Christians be happy all the time?

Craig St. John / June 24, 2016
Lament, Psalms

By John Crawford Are Christians supposed to be happy all of the time? This is an important question because many Christians wonder what […]

Praying Like a Human (Part 1)

Craig St. John / June 16, 2016
Prayer, Psalms

By Jim Mullins If you had to compare your prayer life to a famous person, who would you choose? I recently asked this […]

Blessed by Delighting in God’s Word

Craig St. John / June 11, 2016

By Kadi Weinland “Prayers are not tools for doing or getting, but for being and becoming.” Eugene Peterson The first prayer in the […]