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Because Christ has Risen, We Become Participants in Resurrection Life

Craig St. John / March 27, 2018
40 Days, Easter, Lent

By Will Vucurevich I can still clearly remember my first Easter service. I was in eighth grade, and my family had recently started […]

What is a Seder and Why should Christians do it?

Craig St. John / March 15, 2018
40 Days, Lent

By Deana Rogers Hey church — We have been invited to a dinner party. Celebrating Passover every year was God’s idea. Way back […]

After Fasting, We Feast

Craig St. John / March 15, 2018
40 Days, Lent

By AC Alivizatos I love basketball. Specifically, I love cheering for the Los Angeles Lakers. A moment that remains fixed in my mind […]

Craig St. John / March 6, 2018
40 Days, Lent

By Will Vucurevich Historically, the Christian Church has used fasting and prayer as means of preparation during the Lenten season to focus on […]

About the Church Calendar…

Craig St. John / February 27, 2018
40 Days, Lent

By AC Alivizatos You’re fully engaged in a conversation, with your attention firmly fixed upon the person with whom you’re intently speaking. You’re […]

Lenten Rhythms: Best Spiritual Practices for These 40 Days

Craig St. John / February 19, 2018
40 Days, Lent

By AC Alivizatos In Riccardo’s first blog post in this series, he compared observing Lent to hanging up photos of his family in […]

So about those ashes on foreheads…

Craig St. John / February 13, 2018
40 Days, Lent

By Craig St. John We are evangelical. We are Protestant. We are Reformed. We don’t like tradition. Sola Scriptura, right? It’s the the […]

Why Not Lent?

Craig St. John / February 12, 2018
40 Days, Lent

By Riccardo Stewart As Christians, we are rather familiar with the mantra, “we are saved by grace and not works.” The statement is […]