Worship & Wonder

June 7, 2021  |  wwilliams

Worship & Wonder

Summer is upon us! This summer at Redemption Tempe we are calling our church to be people of worship to God and exploring the wonders of His creation. Join us this summer as we seek to be a community who lives into God’s design for healthy rhythms of work and rest.

Here are three questions you can be praying through as we enter into this Summer:

Worship: How can I make space to be with God?

Wonder: How can I make space to enjoy God’s creation?

Community: How can I help others rest?

Wonder in Community

We believe that all good stories reflect the true story of the world, found in the Bible. Our summer book clubs and film nights are a great way to engage your sense of wonder with others in the church community.

You can find out what book clubs are available sign up by visiting THIS link

For a list of movies we’ll and sign up for a film night, go HERE

A good way to engage in worship & wonder is through volunteering.

For volunteer opportunities in the city, check out our city outreach opportunities newsletter HERE

For volunteer opportunities in the church, go here [ p.s. we need YOU to serve in Redemption Kids 🙂 ]


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