Our actions always flow from our beliefs. To put it another way, what we believe affects the way we live. We do certain things because we believe certain things. Whether we are conscious of the the connection between our beliefs and actions, it is always true. We save money because we believe it will give us security; we buy that fancy car because we believe it will get people to look at us. Deep down we know that this connection is inescapable, but we often live as though we’ve separated the two. This delusion is apparent in the gap between our confessions regarding God and the way we actually live. We confess that He is supreme, but we live like we are. Our view of God is inextricably linked to the way we live, the way we deal with troubles and the troubles we get into in the first place. Quite often, we find ourselves in a place of conflict or suffering because our view of God is simply too low. Part of the problem is that when we are not careful, we re-make God into our own image without even thinking about it. It is just natural for us. Another part of the problem is that we think more highly of ourselves than we ought and think less of God than we should. Picture a balance-scale. When one side goes up, the other goes down. When our view of ourselves increases, our view of God decreases. When our view of God decreases, our lives change (never for the better). Since it is natural to view ourselves more highly than we ought and God as less than we should, it is helpful to continually remind ourselves of some of God’s characteristics and what they mean for our everyday lives. Note that too often we find ourselves thinking that belief about God is great for Sunday morning but doesn’t really mean much for the rest of life. That simply isn’t true. This series is designed to help us focus on God by looking at 4 main attributes of his character that are liberating for the believer that learns to accept them and rest in them. We hope that you are blessed and transformed by these truths.