February 19, 2012 / Riccardo Stewart / Galatians
The Law and The Promise
The phrase you keep hearing around Redemption Church is “Gospel Centered / Outward Focused.” This slogan has powerfully shaped who we are and who we are becoming across all of our congregations. At the heart of the gospel is the grace of God—free, unmerited favor and blessing from God. Though grace is a gift, people have always tried to earn it to get it or repay it once they have it. This is not a new problem, but one that Christians have always had to fight against. A whole book of the Bible—Galatians—is devoted to helping Christians fight their legalism and embrace grace. That’s why we’ve given our study of Galatians the title, “Fighting for Grace.” It’s a strange concept, isn’t it? Fighting for grace? Almost seems like a contradiction. But we know that for the grace of the gospel to sink in deep, we must fight for it. This is why Martin Luther, in his influential commentary on Galatians, writes that the doctrine of the gospel of grace “can never be taught, urged, and repeated enough.” Through this series, we will fight to understand, experience, and delight in the grace of the gospel of God.