At Redemption Tempe, we seek to be a community of:


The Great Command: Love God & Love Neighbor

“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” Luke 10:27; Matthew 22:37-38

The Great Commission: Make Disciples of All Nations

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:18-20

Worship in a Disillusioned World 

Jesus is the Great Reconciler of heaven and earth. In a world stripped of transcendence and wonder, where we have pushed God away through our rebellion — attempting to “shut off” earth from heaven –God has broken through in Christ, crashing through our steel-vaulted sky and coming for our redemption. Worship is a God-orientation, that places Christ at the center of everything and declares his greatness with our words, our songs, and our lives. It’s more than music on Sunday, it’s an encounter with God that moves us from cynicism to celebration, calling us out of our disillusionment and disenchantment into the wonder and mystery of a life lived with God.

What might this look like? 

  • A community that gathers weekly not just to get information about God but to give praise to God, not seeking entertainment but encountering the divine through his Word and Spirit, sacrament and liturgy, and the rhythms of grace and praise. 
  • A people who put God first in every aspect of their lives, learning to practice the ways of Jesus in areas like feasting and fasting, gratitude and hospitality, obedience to God’s Word and dependency in prayer.
  • A community marked by the presence and power of God, where lives are healed and transformed not because of our technique but because of his presence, where outsiders enter in not because “they’re nice” or “interesting” but because “God is among them!” 

How will we, as Redemption Tempe, pursue this?

  • Current Examples: Formed Project 
  • New Initiative: 6PM Service & Liturgy Changes

All-of-Life in a Fragmented World.

Jesus is the Creator of all things and on a mission to restore this broken world. Therefore, faith in Jesus cannot be relegated to a private experience on Sundays; it should permeate all of life. Things like work, family, friendship, and society all matter to God, and should be shaped by the Biblical Story as opportunities to participate in God’s mission. 

What might this look like? 

  • A young project manager who understands her “calling,” sees the wonder of God’s creation in simple spreadsheets, and intentionally seeks to love her neighbors by giving them a glimpse of the God who orders the world with intricate detail.
  • Parents who feel equipped to guide their children in challenging issues of our day — like technology, justice, sexuality — in light of God’s heart as seen in the Biblical Story. 
  • A community who is so immersed in God’s word and God’s world that they are able to see echoes of the Gospel in everything from textbooks to tacos. 

How will we, as Redemption Tempe, pursue this?

  • Current Examples: Marriage Nights, All of Life Interviews
  • Future Initiatives: All of Life Gathering (like 1st Wednesday)

Common Table in a Conflicted World

Jesus is the Prince of Peace who is on a mission to reconcile all things. Therefore, as people who are called to be peacemakers, we commit to “staying at the table” with one another in the midst of this polarized world. This means we commit to listen humbly, pursue reconciliation, confess sin, offer forgiveness, and speak the truth in love. Rather than divide the church or hide from complex issues, we commit to abide in Christ and be shaped by one another. 

What might this look like? 

  • A community who is more committed to Christ and to one another than any of the idols and ideologies of our day that compete for our allegiance. 
  • A community who moves from Facebook debates to face-to-face conversations, as a people with deep convictions, generous humility, and a commitment to “stay at the table” with one another. 
  • A community comprised of people from different socioeconomic, political, and ethnic backgrounds who help each other, care for the whole scope of life in God’s world. They refuse to choose between economics and the environment; young mothers and the unborn; justice and peace.

How will we, as Redemption Tempe, pursue this?

  • Current Example: Summer Book Clubs
  • New Initiative: Coffee Shop Conversations (Tempe 10)

Rest for a Weary World 

Jesus is the true source of rest who offers refuge to an overworked, over-caffeinated, information-saturated, sleepless world. Therefore, we commit to being a community that receives Jesus’s gifts of Sabbath, sleep, and spiritual disciplines that will, in turn, help us practice the way of Jesus. This isn’t just an individualistic endeavor, but a commitment to help others find rest in Jesus, especially the most vulnerable in our community. 

What might this look like? 

  • A community who pursues deep rest rather than shallow leisure, who may have a busy schedule but doesn’t have busy hearts, who Sabbaths together — playing and praying, feasting and celebrating –with an unhurried pace because they rest in the peace of Christ.
  • A single mother who has children with special needs and finds herself in a community of people who are just as committed to her rest as their own. Imagine if they provided childcare, helped with financial burdens, provided rides to work, and prayed with her in the waiting room of a hospital. 
  • A community of people who overflow with creativity and wonder because they have freedom from endless activities and screens.

How will we, as Redemption Tempe, pursue this?

  • Current Examples: Parents Night Out
  • New Initiative: Sabbath Mornings (Summer)