There are two main components to Redemption Women:  Gather and Women’s Bible Study Groups (Formerly ID Groups)


Our Fall 2020 Gather evenings will be a bit different this season as we continue to navigate the safest way to Gather with all of you. We are going to do our best to see your faces, worship together, be encouraged in Scripture, and connect around tables—even if they are virtual ones. The dates are set and for now we will connect online via FaceBook, Instagram, and ZOOM. Save these dates:

  • Available Monday October 19, 2020
  • Available Monday November 30, 2020

Outward Focus for fall season – La Limonada
Click here to donate food for Tita and the neighborhood of La Limonada

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Women’s Bible Study Groups (Formerly ID Groups)

Women’s Bible study groups gather regularly throughout each season to grow in our understanding of God’s Word, pray for each other, and do life together as we follow Jesus in our everyday lives. The study guides for The Gospel of John are available HERE.

Gospel of John Resources:

Gospel of John Study Guide Part 1

Gospel of John Verse Cards Part 1 

Gospel of John Study Guide Part 2

John Verse Cards Part 2

John Bookmark

There are three ways to join or form a Women’s Bible Study Group:

  • Attend an Open Women’s Bible Study Group.  If you are looking for women to connect with, an Open Bible Study Group is available at any point during the season.  For more information on the times and locations of these groups, go to HERE
  • Form a Bible study group with the women in your Redemption Community (RC).  If you are already involved in an RC, consider forming and ID Group with the women from your community.  Register your group HERE
  • Form a Bible study group with your friends. Gather a group of women you are already connected with or that you want to get to know more deeply.