Prayer & Action Groups

wwilliams / November 8, 2020

We are very excited to be launching Prayer and Action Groups at Redemption Tempe! We are focused on 4 unique areas of brokenness in our city that we have the opportunity to engage with: the sanctity of life, homelessness, human trafficking, and criminal justice. This is an opportunity to engage beyond social media–but to pray and act. The goal of these groups is that they would understand their focus area deeply, they would pray into their focus area fervently, and that each person in each group would develop a clear plan of action to use their gifts/abilities to serve in their focus area faithfully. In addition, each group will be looking for opportunities for our church to engage in and stay informed about their focus area.

We strive to be a church for Jesus’ glory and the good of Tempe, and a primary way we can do that is by faithfully praying and humbly acting. Redemption Tempe we invite you to join in and engage with one of these Prayer & Action Groups this upcoming year! As these are significant pain points in our city, there is a significant commitment to participate. These groups will be launching in January of 2021, will be meeting 2x/month, and will be running the entire year.

Click the link to sign up.