“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”
Matthew 18:20

Community is vital. The church is not just a place, it’s people. During this time of physical distancing, here are some ways to get connected  with others from our church.


Creative Cohort

We believe that all of life is to be viewed as under the lordship of Christ. Our goal for the creative cohort is to have short term campaigns that discuss the impact of the Gospel on art while creating a communal space for creatives to connect.

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Men & Women’s Bible Studies

The Gospel of John reveals the beauty of who Jesus is, what he does, and the abundant life he provides. As we study the Gospel of John for 12 weeks, we will immerse ourselves in the life of Jesus so that we can encounter him in transformative ways together.

To sign up for a Men’s Bible Study click here.

To sign up for a Women’s Bible Study group click here.


Summer Book Clubs

Our summer book clubs are a way for us to grow in fellowship and faith by reading some of our favorite books on various important topics. Redemption Tempe does not endorse these books; we view these topics as important to reflect on and we welcome critical engagement during book clubs.  The list of book clubs and sign up form will be available on 5/17.

Summer Film Nights 

We believe that all good stories reflect the true story of the world, found in the Bible. One of the most powerful forms of storytelling in our culture is the medium of film. The list of films and signup form will be available on 5/17.


Redemption Communities

DNA is like an on-ramp into the freeway of our church. In this one-time class  you’ll learn more about who we are and what we do. We ask that everyone goes through DNA in order to get connected with a redemption community. Sign up here

College Collective

The College Collective is a local community of college students with a love for Christ and a vision to reach the city of Tempe with the gospel. Our mission is to connect students to Christ, each other, and to their city. Sign up here

Prayer and Action Groups

Many of us long to follow Jesus into the brokenness of the world, pushing beyond social media banter and shallow action into a deeper level of discussion, action, and prayer. That’s why we have launched our Prayer and Action Groups. These groups are an intensive community that’s focused on deeply engaging one area of brokenness together.

Learn more about Prayer & Action Groups HERE