At Redemption Tempe we believe that Marriage and Parenting are important representations of the Gospel in our homes, our churches and society itself. The amount of influence and responsibility that God gives to a spouse and parent shape our lives. As a church, we desire to come alongside you and help you in those relationships. Depending on where you are in that journey here are the next steps that we suggest and would be happy to help you with in the process:

Get Connected

Welcome to Redemption Tempe! We’d love to help you get connected to the life of our church.

New Here provides the opportunity for people who are new at Redemption to meet each other, and learn more about who we are as a church. By attending New Here, you will know what next steps to take at Redemption Tempe


Sign up for New Here

If you’re newly married looking for events to meet other people in a similar stage of life and receive support, we have different opportunities available for you throughout the year.

Parent Gatherings

Every month we will gather as parents to eat together, get to know one another, and wrestle with some of the most important topics in our culture. We intend on helping parents shape their encounters with our culture through the lens of the biblical story. In order to do this, we will engage many of the topics in our culture that are shaping our children and us as parents. Some of the topics we will include are faithful family discipleship, sexuality, technology, education, discipline, rest, social media, etc. You can sign up HERE


Marriage Nights

If you’re engaged or married, join us on nights throughout the year for nights where you can come together to meet other married couples, share a meal, build community, and talk about common topics that come up in marriage. We send email updates out when we have these events, so if you’d like to be added to that list then you can sign up HERE.


Parents’ Night Out

A few times throughout the year, Redemption Kids offers Parents’ Night Out events where you can drop your kids off at our R/KIDS classrooms and enjoy a date night or just time to yourself! These nights are $5 per child and include dinner, a lesson about Jesus, and fun with friends. To stay updated on when these nights are offered, get connected to the Facebook group: Redemption Kids – Tempe.

Weddings & Marriage

Premarital Counseling

We are excited for you and your upcoming wedding, and grateful that you would trust us to help counsel you before you get married.  We desire to help you start out on the right foot and establish a good foundation for your marriage and we want to be able to offer the best counsel to you.  Before we do that we would like to get to know a few things about you, please take the time to answers these questions and someone will contact you to setup a time to get together. Sign up for Premarital Counseling HERE

Marriage Counseling

All of us experience moments in our Marriage and Families where we could use perspective and encouragement. We would be happy to help, please email RyanArneson@RedemptionAZ.com to set up a time to meet.

Wedding Officiant

If you already have someone in mind to officiate your wedding or if you are looking for someone to officiate your wedding, please fill out the Wedding Officiate Form and we will discuss that with you during your first pre-marital counseling time. Fill out the Wedding Officiant form HERE

Family Resources
As spouses and parents we are all shaped by many things in life and can sometimes lose sight of what is most important. At times in life we need some counsel and resources that are crucial to our foundation and formation.  Here are some books that we think are helpful to re calibrate us:
Sometimes we just need someone to talk with that is outside of our specific situations to give perspective on how to move forward.  If you need to meet with someone please contact: