By Riccardo Stewart

Jesus afresh. When it comes to our spirituality, we need regular and consistent times of re-centering on the person of Jesus Christ. We find ourselves listening to phrases like “All of life is all for Jesus” or use words like gospel” and “kingdom” so often that we can become too familiar with them—familiar in the way that is not always good, like how we become familiar with a roommate or friend—so familiar that we forget how much they mean to us in just a moment. I believe we need to look at Jesus afresh. We need to see for the first time, or be reminded of his life changing ways of love. It would be well worth our time to slow down and look at God, in the person of Jesus Christ, express love, compassion, care, concern, empathy, emotion, humility, and boldness.

On Sunday, we began a sermon series entitled “Love Walked Among Us.” This series will zoom in and see the person of Jesus. We’ll see his perception, emotions, and actions—the glory of God in a real person. We often say that Jesus is God (a true statement). Equally true is the fact that God is like Jesus, and when we see him, we are drawn into the life of God in love. Our desire is to grow in our worship of Jesus, and as we see his tangible ways of love, we ought to mirror that same love to others. We pray this will expose our need of outside power from the Holy Spirit to love like Jesus.

This series is topical in nature but worshipful in content. We borrowed out title from a friend, Paul Miller, who wrote the book Love Walked Among Us: Learning to Love Like Jesus. Paul has been training our pastoral team and other leaders for some time through several studies on prayer and looking at the person of Jesus. While Paul’s book is helpful, our desire is, first and foremost, to look at the life and person of Jesus through the scriptures. For further study, we do believe it could be helpful to read the book alongside the series with others in community.

Please join us in prayer for our whole church (all nine congregations) in praying that we can see, worship, and follow Jesus afresh as we continue in this series leading up to Good Friday and Easter.