Leadership Transition

November 26, 2019  |  Greg Lindsay

During our services on Sunday, November 3rd, Riccardo shared that he would be transitioning out of his Lead Pastor role at Redemption Tempe to pursue a career coaching football. (See the blog post and listen to the message HERE)

Over the last three weeks since that announcement, our Elder team has worked in partnership with the Redemption Church leadership team (made up of lead pastors from the other Redemption congregations), and during our services on November 24th we announced our new leadership structure moving forward.

We’re excited to announce that Jim Mullins and Josh Butler will be taking the roles as Co-Lead Pastors for Redemption Tempe!

Riccardo Stewart (left) will be transitioning out of the Lead Pastor role to pursue a career coaching football. Jim Mullins (center) and Josh Butler (right) will be taking on the roles of Co-Lead Pastors moving forward.

Josh joined our team last summer (2018) and has already been pivotal in helping us develop our formational practices as a church. Josh is a great communicator, creative thinker, and a great example of taking God seriously but not himself (one of Redemption’s value statements). In Josh’s role, he will lead, oversee, and develop our preaching team, as well as our Formation and Communities staff team, which is responsible for our Sunday liturgy, formational practices, and community-building within our church.

If you don’t know Jim, he has been a pastor at Redemption Church since 2009 and an Elder at R/Tempe since 2011. He excels in strategic thinking, out-of-the-box creativity, and leadership development, with a hilarious sense of humor and a special knack for figuring out which combination of celebrities you resemble. In Jim’s role, he will oversee, lead, and develop our staff team, deacons, and members, be responsible for convening our elders, as well as lead our Care and Outreach staff team. The Care and Outreach team will continue to work on our local outreach and global partnerships, as well as ways to care for people in our church.

Together as Co-Lead Pastors, Jim and Josh will collaborate to cultivate and lead the overall vision and direction for our church community.

Working alongside Josh and Jim will be Ryan Arneson and Greg Lindsay (me) as Co-Executive Pastors.

Ryan has been attending Redemption Tempe since 2009 and has been an Elder since 2011.  Ryan is great at leading teams, provides stability and wisdom to our leadership teams, and oversees our Campus, Families & Students staff team, which is responsible for student, marriage, and family ministries, as well as stewarding our facilities as a church campus. He meets with (and officiates the weddings of) a lot of couples in our church (along with Tim Anderson, who also officiates a lot of Redemption Tempe weddings) and will be the main one on our staff bringing up 90’s Hip Hop references now that Riccardo is transitioning out of his role.

I (Greg) have been attending Redemption Tempe since 2010 and on staff since 2015. I will continue to oversee operations and communications here, which includes Sunday services, some of our volunteer teams, our communication team, and all of our communication efforts.

Together, Ryan and I will work with Josh and Jim to implement our vision with staff for the church as a whole.

We’ve said it throughout this process, but Jesus has been, is, and will always continue to be the leader of Redemption Tempe. We thank God immensely for the years that we’ve had where he has used Riccardo to lead, guide, grow, and care for us as a church. And Riccardo spoke for all of us on staff and the elder team when he said that having Josh and Jim as our new Co-Lead Pastors couldn’t be a more perfect fit to lead our church moving forward. We’re excited for their partnership and to see how God will work in us and through us as a church in the future.

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to services for more details on this announcement, you can watch/listen HERE.

Thank you for your ongoing support, involvement, and faithfulness as Redemption Tempe.