Jake Slebodnik

July 13, 2015  | 

I came to Redemption as a student at ASU and spent the next 4 years interning and being steeped within the family of God.  While I grew up in church, it was not until I began to hear the gospel as an all-encompassing story that I came to love Jesus in college.  Yet though I grew up without knowing the love of Jesus, every Bible story and word from God came alive in me all at once.  God in love did not waste one bit of his word on my heart. This fuels my passion for teaching the word of God in our Jr. High and High school ministries.

I direct Redemption Bloom and Flourish, our Jr. High and High School ministries here at Redemption Tempe. I have a crazy passion for stories of every kind and have found the gospel to be the greatest story the world has ever known. Through the constant retelling of this story, God has blessed me with the privilege of communicating the good news of Jesus to the children of the body of Christ.