King of Kings Campaign

During the 2020 election season, we want to campaign for Jesus to be the King of our whole lives, including our civic engagement. Jesus gave us a vision for how to live all of life, including political engagement, when he called his people to orient their lives around two commandments: loving God above everything and loving our neighbors as ourselves. 


What does that look like for Redemption Tempe during the 2020 campaign season? How can we turn from the destructive idols of political ideology and turn towards the living God? What would it look like if this season actually resulted in prayerful and respectful discussion rather than shallow slogans; fruitful action rather than empty words; reconciliation rather than division?


We are launching the King of Kings campaign to pursue a unique type of political engagement that is focused on loving God and our neighbors. We will reflect on what civic participation looks like through the lens of the Biblical Story and how the character of Christ should shape our conduct during this season. We will focus on local action rather than national speculation. We will engage in deep conversation rather than the exchange of slogans. We will make space for people with all types of political leanings, while challenging all types of political idols. Together, we will acknowledge that Jesus is King of Kings, the only one worthy of our full allegiance.  


Our aim for this season is to cultivate

1. A deeper allegiance to Jesus over all political ideologies

2. Healthy and humble dialogue within the church and with our communities

3. Meaningful action rather than empty words


Learning Opportunities

First Wednesdays

Our First Wednesdays for August, September, and October will be focused on issues that help us engage in healthy political discipleship and discourse. 

  • August: Peacemaking Wisdom from the Middle East
  • September: Nationalism and Socialism through the lens of the Biblical Story
  • October: The Way of the Lamb

You can learn more about First Wednesday HERE



We will provide a series of podcasts on political discipleship.  You can find our podcasts HERE or on Apple Podcasts. 


 While most Sundays will be focused on the book of John, we will have 2-3 sermons during the campaign that will help shape a Biblical vision of civic engagement.



King of Kings Commitment

We are inviting the congregation to sign onto a 10-point covenant that frames a Christlike posture during the election season. There will be a newsletter with resources for those who sign the covenant. Also, those who sign will be invited into “deep dive” conversations in 2021 about the most controversial issues with thought leaders. 

Sign the King of Kings Commitment HERE


Political Discipleship Groups

 For those who are interested in engaging in the political season, we are creating groups that will spend 10-weeks reflecting on our faith and public life. These groups should be politically diverse and will find a local issue that they can all agree on engaging together. We are going to encourage participating in these groups rather than engaging in social media debate. 

Signup for a Political Discipleship group HERE


Prayer and Action

As we encounter social issues in our culture, we want to be intentional as a church to pray and lament the brokenness of the world, asking God to lead us in how we should respond. The Prayer and Action Groups will be committed to deep prayer around the issues of our day and figuring out tangible ways to care for those affected.

Sign up for a Prayer and Action group HERE


Prayer and Fasting

 We will call our church to a fast during the month of October. Each Tuesday, we will encourage our church to fast and pray on Tuesdays for our government leaders and the flourishing of our country. We will also encourage people to fast from social media during that contentious month.