Check-In & Check-Out Process

For security purposes, your copy of your child’s nametag will be required when you return to pick up any child. Children must be picked up by a parent or guardian. If you lose your receipt, please be patient as a Redemption Kids Supervisor verifies guardianship. If parents are needed at any time during the service, the number on their parent receipt that corresponds to their child’s nametag will be flashed on the screen in the sanctuary.

Well-Child Policy

We like to share everything but germs! Please do not drop children off with any of the following symptoms (not related to pre-existing conditions):

-Runny nose (clear, white, green, or yellow)
-A temperature of 100* or higher
-Diarrhea, vomiting, upset stomach, or any visible rash other than diaper rash
-Any drainage from the eyes/ears, open sores
-Extreme irritability or exhaustion
-Head lice or mouth sores
-Persistent coughing or sneezing (allergy or asthmatic symptoms excluded)
-If any member of the family contracts a contagious illness (i.e. pink eye, strep throat, head lice, chicken pox, covid-19)
-Any illness that prevents them from fully participating in classroom activities

Please see our Well Child Policy here.


Classroom Sizes & Policies

For safety reasons, we limit the number of children in a classroom at any given time. The classroom size is based on appropriate, pre-determined child-to-teacher ratios. Unfortunately, there are times, due to volunteer availability and classroom ratios, that we may have to turn children away in order to maintain a safe environment.

Please note that in order to provide a carefully screened environment with trained volunteers only, we must ask parents to refrain from entering any classroom unless requested by Redemption Kids Staff. If you would like to visit your child’s classroom, please have your child’s classroom leader or our Welcoming Director call a Redemption Kids Supervisor for approval.

All bathrooms in the R/Kids area are only to be used by children checked in during service. All adults, including volunteers, are required to use the sanctuary bathrooms.


Thoroughly Screened Volunteers

Our R/Kids volunteers go through an in-depth screening process which includes completing an application, going through a background and reference check, being interviewed by an R/Kids Supervisor, completing training, and performing a classroom observation. R/Kids always has a CPR/First-Aid certified volunteer available during services.

Allergies & Medical Concerns

If your child has special allergies and/or medical concerns, please be sure to note these when first registering your child into our computer check-in system. These will appear every week on your child’s tag. If you forgot or need to add an allergy or medical concern to your child’s profile, our Family Greeter can assist you.


Emergency Preparedness Plans & Training

In case of an emergency, all of our volunteers are trained on appropriate procedures and a CPR/First-Aid certified volunteer is always available.

In case of an evacuation, please pick up your child from the large grass area behind the two-story building on the east side of campus.

In case of a lock-down, all of our classroom doors will be locked until the situation has been deemed safe. You may pick up your child once the lock-down is removed.