Gospel-Centered Families Grow Best Together

We believe that parents are called to be the primary spiritual leaders of their families, with their church community there to support, encourage, and equip them.  As your church family, we provide you with many tools, resources, and opportunities to grow and lead your family.  Visit our Redemption Kids Curriculum page to view specific Redemption Kids–Tempe curriculum resources and family activities.

Birth—4th Grade

During the 9am & 11am services, parents can drop their children off in Redemption Kids classrooms – a safe, fun, Bible-centered environment for children on Sunday morning, or they are welcome to bring their children into the worship service.

For your first visit, head to the R/Kids check-in room and one of our wonderful volunteers will help you register your family and direct you to your child’s class.

5th & 6th Grade

Our 5th & 6th grade ministry meets during our 11 AM service only. Our mission is to create a safe and fun environment for our students to participate in the family of Christ and learn to worship God in their daily life. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students to take ownership of their faith as they grow in an understanding of the story of God and his redeeming of the world.

For your first visit, arrive to the gym a few minutes early so that you can connect with our 5th & 6th leadership team and get your child checked in. You will pick them up after service in room 721 (upstairs). After your first visit, students can check themselves into class and be picked up outside of room 721. If you have any questions or want to know more about 5th & 6th ministry, email Kenzie Harris at KenzieHarris@RedemptionAZ.com.



First Time Guests

To ensure a smooth Redemption Kids check-in on your first visit, arrive a couple minutes early and go to our New Families table inside the R/KIDS check-in room. Our Family Greeter will be happy to assist you in registering your family in our secure check-in program, answering any questions you might have, and directing you to your classroom.  If you have any other questions related to our Redemption Kids policies or would like to connect with our Redemption Kids Director, Susanne Gonzalez, you may reach her at SusanneGonzalez@RedemptionAZ.com.


Safety Precautions

We are committed to providing a safe environment for your child. Since safety is one of our primary concerns, Redemption Kids has many policies in place when it comes to the check-in and check-out process, the classroom sizes and spaces, our well-child requirements, our allergy or medical concern alerts, the emergency or evacuation preparedness plans, and the staffing of thoroughly screened volunteers. For more detailed information on the safety precautions that Redemption Kids has implemented, please visit our Safety Precautions page.

What To Expect

All of our classrooms take part in fun, engaging bible-based curriculum. The lessons include prayer and music for all classrooms, including nursery, movers, and toddlers. In addition, our toddlers through 4th graders take part in an activity, story time discussion, music time, and free time with age-appropriate toys and learning materials. All of our classroom volunteers undergo an intensive screening and training process, and are truly excited to love your kids and teach them about Jesus every week.

Staying Connected

Want to receive timely updates and information about Redemption Kids–Tempe events, curriculum, family activities, and moms’ playgroups? Connect with us on the following social media sites:

R/Tempe – Moms’ Community


Ability and Neuro Diverse Ministry

We value each and every child that is a part of R/KIDS, which means we aim to provide a safe, unique environment for those with special needs. Each special needs child will have a trained volunteer (a.k.a. a “buddy”) assigned to them who will assist them in their age-appropriate classroom or in the sensory room. If your child has special needs, please contact our Ministry Coordinator, Melissa Stone, at melissastone@redemptionaz.com for more information on our Ability and Neuro Diverse Ministry or to register your child. Additional details can be found on our special needs page.


Redemption Kids is made possible by volunteers who offer their time and energy to provide intentional, loving care for the children in our community. If you are interested in volunteering with kids at Redemption – Tempe, visit our Redemption Kids Volunteers page or click the button below to join our team.

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