What is the Redemption Tempe Internship Program?

The purpose of Redemption Tempe’s ministry internship is threefold: First, to provide a consistent level of help for the week to week volunteer activities that are needed to help keep our church and staff running smoothly. Second, at the end of this year we hope you have a better grasp on what God is calling you to do in the midst of the domains of society that he has placed you in. Third, to allow an opportunity for those who have an interest in ministry to get a good look at what working at a church is like. It will give you a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of Sundays, pastoral care, administration, etc. all the while receiving life, theological, and social training.

What are the expectations and who is it for?
Intern Expectations

We expect our interns to be ready to work and learn. We want people who are eager to learn how to be a servant and want to grow deeper in theology, the ministry of the church, and understanding God’s call. We expect timeliness, a year commitment to two days a week (Wednesday or Thursday and Sunday) and a work ethic that is proactive. This is not a personal mentorship program but rather a community that will have a higher amount of access to all of the Redemption Tempe pastors and ministry directors. There will be weekly devotions, monthly trainings, and a lot of work and fun.

Who is it for?

This internship is for:

  • People who are wanting to learn how to discern God’s call for their lives
  • People who desire to serve and learn.
  • People who are hospitable, welcoming, and self starters
  • People who regularly attend and are committed Redemption Church.
  • People who are thinking about church ministry.
How do I apply?

We are currently accepting applications for the 2016-17 intern team. All applications are due by June 1st and selections will be made by July 1st.

You can apply by filling out the internship application HERE, or you can email Pastor Ryan Arneson.