Gospel of John Part Three Resources

January 7, 2021  |  wwilliams

Happy New Year Redemption Tempe!

We’re looking forward to jumping back into the Gospel of John on January 10th. The Gospel of John is all about “Who Jesus Is.” We’ll discover through this sermon series that Jesus is more than the most significant historical figure to ever walk the face of the earth, more than the leader of the largest global movement today, more than the main character in the bestselling book of all time (the Bible). Yes, Jesus is all these things, but also–as John tells us his purpose in writing the gospel–Jesus is able to encounter you personally that “you may have life in his name.” (John 20:31)

Here are a couple of resources for you as we dive into Part III of the John Series:

Study Guide & Verse Cards

This study guide aligns with our current Sunday teaching series on the Gospel of John. It is designed for personal study and as a resource for Redemption communities and Bible study groups. The consistent discipline of immersing ourselves in Scripture is the goal, so make sure, to begin with the Bible reading each week. RC and study group leaders are free
to choose the sections of the guide that best align with the focus of their group.

Click HERE for Part III of the John Study Guide

Men’s and Women’s Bible Study Groups

The Gospel of John reveals the beauty of who Jesus is, what he does, and the abundant life he provides. As we study the Gospel of John for 12 weeks, we will immerse ourselves in the life of Jesus so that we can encounter him in transformative ways together:

To sign up for a Men’s Bible Study click here.

To sign up for a Women’s Bible Study group click here.