First Wednesday

First Wednesday is our monthly gathering where we reflect on important cultural topics through the lens of the Biblical Story.

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Join us on Wednesday, November 4, 2020, for First Wednesday. The topic will be Why Emotions Matter: How to Process Anger, Fear, Sadness, and Other God-Given Signals

We all know this has been an emotionally turbulent year. What does God have to say about our feelings? How do we process them well? For some, emotions are overwhelming and all-important. For others, they are bothersome and irrational. No matter where you fall on the emotional spectrum, one thing is for sure: God designed you as an emotional being. Your emotions have a purpose, and they’re worth handling with curiosity, respect, and wisdom. What might it look like for you to have a healthy relationship with your emotions? Could you learn to discern them and use them wisely?

Our speaker this month is Tristen Collins, LPC, a licensed counselor and author of the excellent book Why Emotions Matter: Recognize Your Body Signals, Grow in Emotional Intelligence, Discover an Embodied Spirituality, which she co-authored with her husband Jon Collins, co-founder of The Bible Project. Tristen is a professional coach and counselor. As a coach, she views herself as an inner wilderness guide helping people to move toward emotional health and well-being. As a counselor, her experience in helping people heal from past trauma. Tristen has 13 years of professional experience and currently works at her own private practice. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Bible & Theology from Multnomah University & a Master’s in Counseling from George Fox University. She is also a certified Wayfinder coach. Tristen lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Jon, and their two young boys.

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