First Wednesday: Art, Faith, & Creativity

January 27, 2022  |  wwilliams

February marks the return of First Wednesday!

Our Topic for February is Art, Faith, and Creativity

Our Creator is creative. The Maker of all things has made us to make things, and to reflect his image with an appreciation for beauty and creativity. Yet sometimes Christians feel a tension with art: Is it less valuable than “spiritual” things? Is it unimportant, compared to truth for the mind or justice for the world? Is it dangerous, with its ability to evoke the passions? Is it impractical, amidst all the pressing demands of our day-to-day lives? Our guest speaker is John DelHousaye, along with a panel of creatives from Redemption Tempe.

DelHousaye is a theologian at Phoenix Seminary, an author of numerous books, and an elder at Redemption Alhambra. Come join us, as we explore the power and significance of art & creativity for our life with Christ today.


Date: Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022

Time: 6PM-8PM

Location: Redemption Tempe Sanctuary

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