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R/Men Summer League Trip

We are going to the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas August 12-14! Pastor Jim has been doing this with guys for years, but this summer we want to open it up to a larger group at the church. Coming off a really hard year we want to carve out space for a group of men to build community, enjoy a weekend away, and watch some basketball together. Sign up here:


  1. We have space for up to 50 guys to come, so sign up below to register your spot.
  2. We have until July 21st to register, so time is short.
  3. The trip costs $140/person which covers 2 nights in the hotel and 1 dinner that we will all share together. A heads up you will need to purchase tickets to the arena separately (link for tickets in the sign up)

Once you register we will add you to our Summer League Slack group to keep you updated with the next steps/info. For any questions email Stephen Collins at stephencollins@redemptionaz.com