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First Wednesday – Nationalism and Socialism: A Theological Critique Online Event

Few political ideologies have as much cultural momentum and need for thoughtful evaluation as nationalism and socialism. Those who lean conservative are increasingly pulled towards “nationalism” and those who lean left are increasingly pulled towards “socialism.” As followers of King Jesus, we need to reflect on these cultural movements with wisdom and intentionality. While there are many other ideologies to place our focus, we have chosen nationalism and socialism because they are more prominent in our current political discourse. Additionally, our congregants have the most questions about these ideologies.

Our speaker for our event on September 2nd at 6:00pm is Dr. Bruce Ashford, a Professor of Theology & Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. For this First Wednesday, we will define the various types of nationalism and socialism, reflect on these ideologies in light of the Biblical Story, and discuss how each ideology has the potential to harm the neighbors whom we are called to love. Join us for two short talks, Q & A, and group discussion as we reflect on these ideologies through the lens of the Biblical Story.

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