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First Wednesday: Honor & Shame

Join us on Wednesday Februrary 3, 2021 from 6:30PM – 8:30PM for First Wednesday. Our Topic will be Honor & Shame.

First Wednesday is our monthly gathering where we reflect on important cultural issues through the lens of the Biblical Story. This month, we are focusing on Honor and Shame. These seemingly abstract concepts shape so many of our daily interactions, family dynamics, and societal struggles. But what do these words actually mean? In what ways are they helpful or detrimental? Does the Bible have anything to say about “Honor and Shame”? How do they influence us and motivate our decisions?

To the surprise of many, honor and shame are significant themes in scripture, especially within the writings of the apostle Paul. On the first Wednesday of February, Jackson Wu will draw upon his experience living in China and his work as a theologian to help us understand honor and shame and the role they play in cultural discourse, community life, and character formation.

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