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During the COVID-19 season Our services will be live-streamed from our Facebook and YouTube pages on Sunday’s at 10:00 AM . You can find the links to both pages below:

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Discussion Questions

Note: These Discussion Questions center around the sermon’s three big ideas. You don’t have to answer every question; they’re designed to stimulate discussion. Pick the questions that stand out the most to you. If you are alone, consider journaling to process these questions before God, or reach out to a friend from Redemption-Tempe to discuss these together.

Big Idea: Jesus is Wisdom in the Desert: he shows us how to survive in a wilderness season.

Passage: Matthew 4:1-11



This Scene is a Reboot of Israel’s Temptation in the Desert, Jesus is Succeeding Where They Failed

  • A “reboot” takes an established story, and puts a new spin on it. How does Jesus’ temptation “reboot” the classic story of Israel being tempted in the wilderness?
  • How are Jesus’ temptations similar to Israel’s (and our) experience in the desert? How are Jesus’ responses to those temptations different from how Israel did (and we tend to) respond?



God Uses the Desert to Pull Back the Ribcage, and Reveal What’s In Our Heart

  • How has God used this desert season to expose issues in your heart? What challenges or temptations have you found yourself most prone to, that more comfortable seasons might make it easy to hide?
  • “Jesus shows us what it means to be truly human,” Josh said in the sermon, “because sin attacks and degrades our humanity, making us less human not more.” What about Jesus’ response to temptation shows you a better way to be more fully human?



Jesus is more Search-&-Rescue here than Trail Guide

  • Jesus is more than simply a Trail Guide here, teaching a “Beating Temptation 101” seminar, he’s on a Search-&-Rescue mission, saving the world. Jesus succeeds where we’ve failed to redeem & restore us to God. How does that inspire or lead you to worship?
  • Jesus not only finds us in the desert, he forms us in the desert: training you in holiness to unleash kingdom power through you on the other side. What areas is God calling you to holiness in this desert season? How might that shape you for kingdom ministry when this season is done?

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