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Wrapping up Titus before Moving on to Psalms

Craig St. John / May 27, 2016
Doctrine, Godliness, Good Works, Gospel, Mission, Titus

By David Conley This past Sunday we wrapped up our brief seven week series on Titus. Riccardo preached on our final text, Titus […]

Proclaim, serve, and repeat with a never-dulling rhythm

Craig St. John / May 20, 2016
Godliness, Good Works, Gospel, Titus

By Teena Dare Ever wonder why Sunday mornings are so repetitive? From the worship liturgy to the all-of-life interviews to the sermon—we hear […]

Impossible Goodness?

Craig St. John / May 14, 2016
Godliness, Gospel, Titus

By Deana Rogers We think sometimes that a list of what is right and wrong is the most effective way to produce goodness. […]

Freedom and Rhythm

Craig St. John / May 6, 2016
Godliness, Gospel, Titus

By John Crawford For what purpose are we freed? Many times when the Gospel is discussed, the conversation surrounds what we are freed […]

The S-word

Craig St. John / April 29, 2016
Submission, Titus

By Teena Dare I think it’s time we talk about the S-Word. If you were a woman in the proverbial pews this Sunday, […]

Mission: Living Out the Gospel in Family and in Community

Craig St. John / April 29, 2016
Gospel, Mission, Titus

By Kadi Weinland We’re now in our third week of sermons covering Paul’s epistle to Titus. Pastor Riccardo kicked off week one giving […]

Leaders Who Model and Are Convicted by What They Believe and Do So in All of Life

Craig St. John / April 22, 2016
Leadership, Titus

By Craig St. John We had the privilege of having Pastor Tyler Johnson, our lead pastor over all of Redemption Church, preach on […]

Titus Week 1 Follow Up

Craig St. John / April 15, 2016
Doctrine, Elders, Godliness, Titus

By Craig St. John Last Sunday, Pastor Riccardo kicked off our seven-week sermon series on Titus (if you weren’t there or would like […]