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Our Expectations v. God’s Plan for Us

Craig St. John / November 25, 2018
Exiles, Sermons

By Susanne Gonzalez God has rarely met my expectations. Growing up around church, I vaguely knew of him and thought of him mostly […]

For He is my Delight, and I am His

Craig St. John / November 18, 2018
Exiles, Sermons

By Shelia Jones I’m writing about joy, the real joy that comes from connectedness. So, do me a favor. Don’t read these words […]

Powerful Community

Craig St. John / November 11, 2018
Exiles, Sermons

By John Crawford “An epidemic of loneliness.” This is the diagnosis of American society, according to a new study.[1] People in America are […]

Believing in Something Really Does Mean Being Willing to Sacrifice Everything

Craig St. John / November 4, 2018
Exiles, Sermons

By Pastor Riccardo Stewart “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” I love this quote. It’s something I’d love to put […]

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: The Desire to Consume

Craig St. John / October 28, 2018
Exiles, Sermons

By Sari Klontz As twenty-first century Americans, we value choice. Decaf or caf? Public school or private? Gluten-free or whole grain? Free-range or […]

Longing for Home

Craig St. John / October 21, 2018
Daniel, Exiles, Sermons

By Josh Butler What is exile? It’s a prominent theme in Scripture, but one that can feel ambiguous today. Does it have any […]