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We would love the opportunity to be able to pray with and help you navigate difficult life circumstances through Biblical wisdom and counseling. If you’d be interested in meeting for pastoral care, please fill out the form below.

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We want to help those who are hurting find healing and hope in Jesus. We want to help those who need guidance find purpose and wisdom in God’s word. We want all people to experience God’s grace applied to their lives.


This 13-session discipleship program takes people to the root of sin and suffering in order to embrace the freedom found only in Christ’s redemption. Potentially life-changing experiences are brought about by in-depth Bible study, thorough personal assessments, insightful teaching videos, and honest interactions with a group leader and mentor.


“Redemption Exodus: Freed by Jesus From the Idols We Worship and the Wounds We Carry” is a gender-based small group experience of re-storying a person’s life, re-centering his/her story around the cross, all within God’s grand story of Redemption. Exodus Group is for anyone with sin. Whether you have been sinned against or have sinned against others. It would probably be accurate to say we are both victims and perpetrators. It can be horrendous trauma and abuse, addiction, shame, pride, etc. Sin is sin, we all have it, we all have felt the weight of someone else’s sin, but the good news is that Jesus has come to invite us into His redemptive story.


This 12-week men’s small group is a study through the book “Sexual Sanity for Men.” Written for Christian men struggling with any form of sexual brokenness, this resource helps men understand that sexual sin starts in their minds and hearts and shows them how knowing Christ breaks their chains, builds spiritual brotherhood, and helps them take practical steps to re-create their minds in a God-focused direction.


This 10-week small group or one-on-one study goes through the book “Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers.” Through the authors’ own compelling personal stories combined with a fresh look at the Scriptures, “Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers” illustrates and instructs in the practice of authentic forgiveness, leading you away from hate and hurt toward healing, hope and freedom.

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