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Gospel of John Part 4

The Gospel of John is all about “Who Jesus Is.” We’ll discover through this sermon series that Jesus is more than the most […]

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New Chapter

Greg Lindsay / November 3, 2019

On Sunday, 11/3, in our services, we had the opportunity to hear from Riccardo about how God has been moving in his life […]

Church Survey 2019 Results

Greg Lindsay / October 29, 2019

On September 29th, we conducted our annual church-wide survey for R/Tempe, which helps us to see how we’re doing as a church, track […]

Created to be Thankful

Greg Lindsay / October 29, 2019

By Natalee Anderson Have you ever had those moments where you just have an overwhelming feeling that what is happening is exactly what […]

The Birth of Hope

Craig St. John / April 21, 2019
Easter, Sermons

By Josh Butler Many think of hope as “pie-in-the-sky,” an escapist wishful thinking, disconnected from the hard realities of life today. Christians can […]

The Cost of Love

Craig St. John / April 14, 2019
Lent 2019, Love Walked Among Us, Sermons

By John Crawford “I don’t think I love them anymore.” This is a somewhat common statement I hear from people regarding their relationships […]

Free Solo

Craig St. John / April 7, 2019
Lent 2019, Love Walked Among Us, Sermons

By Daniel Zehring Some things change with age. Recently, I discovered that to be true for me. The Oscars this year piqued my […]

Finding Divine Markers in the Midst of Grief

Craig St. John / March 31, 2019
Lent 2019, Love Walked Among Us, Sermons

By Megan Lamy The reality of life is that no one is immune to trauma and grief; all of us have either experienced […]

We Must Let Our Feet be Washed

Craig St. John / March 24, 2019
Lent 2019, Love Walked Among Us, Sermons

By Will Vucurevich A few weeks ago, a member of our Redemption Community was injured while working in his garage. His back went […]