We GATHER around the table to IMMERSE ourselves in Scripture and DISCIPLE one another toward Jesus.


There are two main components to Redemption Women:  

Gather and Intentional Discipleship (ID) Groups


Every fall and spring we gather together for a time of worship and encouragement as we prepare to launch our next study. Additional Gather events throughout the season give us an opportunity to come together for an evening of learning, celebration, and  connection. Dessert is served and limited childcare is available by registering at: redaz.in/wedchildcare. Join us for this season’s Gather events! (see link for upcoming events below)


Intentional Discipleship (ID) Groups

Intentional Discipleship (ID) Groups are the heart of our ministry.  ID Groups gather regularly during each study to immerse ourselves in Scripture, disciple each other, and do life together as we point each other toward Jesus.

There are three ways to join or form an ID Group:

  • Attend an Open ID Group: Open ID Groups are groups that anyone can join at anytime during a study.  If you are longing for deeper connections with other women at Redemption and seeking discipleship from women in multiple life stages, then an Open ID group is a great place to start. There are groups meeting on many different days, times and locations so you can find one that works for you. For more information on the times and locations of these groups, go to: redaz.in/IDgroup. If you are interested in hosting and Open ID Group, go to: redaz.in/openidhostapp.
  • Gather with the women in your Redemption Community (RC): If you are already involved in an RC, consider forming an ID Group with the women from your community. Please be sure to register your group at: redaz.in/idhostreg. So we can keep you posted on what is happening in R/Women.
  • Start one: Gather a group of women that you are already connected with or that you desire to grow in deeper discipleship relationships with and invite them to start an ID Group!  Register your group at: redaz.in/idhostreg.

Upcoming Events

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