About Mission Collectives

Mission Collectives are public gatherings of the Redemption Tempe community with the aim of building community and contributing to the flourishing of neighbors. Mission Collectives include Global Hospitality & the WITH Collective.

We believe Serving others isn’t an elective, but is integral to the church’s calling. It’s how we take up and reflect the cross. Our hope is that Mission Collectives would be given priority as a way of sacrificially serving our neighbors (1 Peter 2:21, Col 1:24).

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Global Hospitality Mission Collective

God’s redemptive plan extends to all tribes, tongues, peoples and nations (Rev. 5:9), and as a part of that plan, God is bringing the nations to our city.

Every year, thousands of refugees flee to Phoenix from places like Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, and Iran. Every month, a new Muslim-owned restaurant opens its doors in the East Valley. Every week, we read about a new global conflict that results in massive bloodshed. Every day, American consumers yell at call-center representatives in India. Every hour, we use technology and t-shirts that were made in places like Taiwan and Turkey. And every second of every day, Jesus reigns, with authority, over every square inch of this interconnected world.

We live in a globally connected world. Will we respond with fear or friendship? The Global Hospitality Collective seeks to extend hospitality and friendship to our new global neighbors as conduits of the love of Christ.

Engagement opportunities include Peace Feasts, becoming a Friendship Partner, refugee resettlement, language learning, Homestay, short-term trips, and global prayer nights.

With Mission Collective

As people who have known spiritual poverty, but have encountered the generosity of Christ, we seek to love those who are experiencing homelessness (2 Corinthians 8:8-9). We hope to, in some way, contribute to their physical, social, and spiritual flourishing through friendship and shared meals (Jeremiah 29:7). Our aim is to walk with the poor in the city, knowing that they have tremendous dignity as image-bearers of God (Genesis 1:26-28). We seek mutual friendship rather than paternal charity, knowing that we ourselves may encounter the love of Christ and grow as disciples through our friendship with them (Matthew 25, Isaiah 58).

In partnership with I-Help, Redemption Tempe opens our facilities each Thursday so that people who are currently homeless have a place to eat, sleep, and shower. The With Collective prepares and shares a meal with the homeless participants of the I-Help program on the third Thursday of each month. Some members of the collective sign up to prepare meals, while others sign-up to serve the meal to, and share the meal with, those who participate in the program.

What To Expect

While we hope that followers of Christ take mission seriously, we don’t want to take ourselves too seriously. Our hope is that the Mission Collectives will feel relational and hospitable (Heb. 13:2).


If you have additional questions about Mission Collectives, please email Will Vucurevich.

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