A number of opportunities and ways to be a part of Redemption Tempe.



Parents can drop their children off in Redemption Kids classes: a safe, fun, Bible-centered environment on Sunday morning and evening. Or parents are free to bring their children into the worship service.

Equipped Special Needs Ministry

Our goal is for your child to learn biblical truths to the best of their abilities in a classroom with same-aged peers. A trained adult buddy will be assigned to work and play with them each week to ensure consistency and make them feel comfortable, allowing them to learn Scripture and participate in the activities at their individual ability level.

Redemption Communities

Redemption Communities (RCs) are leader-facilitated and typically meet in homes. Activities vary from group to group and week to week but may involve any combination of eating, Bible reading, learning, playing, sharing, celebrating, praying, and serving.

The first step is to join us for our DNA starter community. Sign up at the link.

Mission Collectives

Mission Collectives are public gatherings that consist of multiple Redemption Communities with the aim of building community and contributing to the flourishing of neighbors. Mission Collectives include Global Hospitality & the WITH Collective.

Redemption Women

We GATHER around the table
to IMMERSE ourselves in Scripture
and DISCIPLE one another toward Jesus.

Creative Collective

The Creative Collective is a space for creatives to grow deeper in faith, build community, hone skills, and serve the church. It’s made up of smaller teams with specific focuses (design, build, film, art, etc), and we gather together four times per year to celebrate how God is moving and to build community as one big collective.

Marriage & Family

Being a spouse and being a parent are two of the most important roles in anyone’s life. The amount of influence and responsibility that God gives to us in these roles helps shape our lives together and the shape the lives of our children. As the church we desire to come alongside you and help you in these roles: this includes pre-marital counseling, marriage counseling, and help with parenting.

Counseling & Care

We want to help those who are hurting find healing and hope in Jesus. We want to help those who need guidance find purpose and wisdom in God's word. We want all people to experience God's grace applied to their lives.


If you're 50+, join us each month for our Encore events where we meet together for a potluck and games.

Student Ministries

Middle School, and High School students. We believe the gospel isn't age graded and we want to come alongside students as they seek to live out all of life all for Jesus.

College Collective

The mission of the college collective is to connect college students to each other, God, and the city. Join us as we seek to work out what it looks like to live all of life for Jesus in the context of higher education.

Foster Care & Adoption

There is an orphan crisis around the world. Children who have lost parents, been abandoned by parents, or been taken out of dangerous environments, are in need of stable homes and loving families. Therefore we, the people of God, must lead the way in recognizing this great need and stepping up to meet it.

Outward Focused Ministries

We are a sent people. As the church we are not called to turn inward and build our own kingdom. We are called to turn outward and give ourselves to the spread of the Gospel, the establishment of healthy local churches, and the multiplication of disciples. This is a call to invest beyond our church, beyond our tribe, and beyond our generation. We don’t care who gets the credit, only that Jesus is glorified.

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