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10 Things I Learned from the True Story Project

By Caitlin Anderson As the True Story Project started coming to an end, I spent the final few days reflecting on how God […]

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Lent, Communion…and Hip Hop?

Craig St. John / April 13, 2016

By Will Vucurevich Over the course of this blog series, we have been reflecting on the words used to describe how Jesus instituted […]

Redemption in Broken

Craig St. John / February 17, 2016
Black History Month

The following is a poem and further reflection on being a black man in a mostly white church by Spencer Aubrey, in honor […]

This is My Skin

Craig St. John / February 10, 2016
Black History Month

The following poem is by Jordan Steele, in honor of Black History Month. Please read, reflect, share, discuss, and rejoice in the array […]


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