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What is a Seder and Why should Christians do it?

By Deana Rogers Hey church — We have been invited to a dinner party. Celebrating Passover every year was God’s idea. Way back […]

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Blessed by Delighting in God’s Word

Craig St. John / June 11, 2016

By Kadi Weinland “Prayers are not tools for doing or getting, but for being and becoming.” Eugene Peterson The first prayer in the […]

2016 Church-wide Survey Results!

Craig St. John / June 9, 2016
Data, Survey

As you might recall, earlier this year, our congregation was asked to take a survey for the purpose of our leadership knowing how […]

1 Year ago today: A Bright Night for the Church: Love Your Neighbor Rally

Benjamin Jensen / May 29, 2016

This blog is a repost from an event called the “Love Your Neighbor Rally,” which took place one year ago. It was an event that […]

Wrapping up Titus before Moving on to Psalms

Craig St. John / May 27, 2016
Doctrine, Godliness, Good Works, Gospel, Mission, Titus

By David Conley This past Sunday we wrapped up our brief seven week series on Titus. Riccardo preached on our final text, Titus […]

BLESS Rhythms

Benjamin Jensen / May 26, 2016

Last Sunday, Riccardo talked about the BLESS Rhythms, built off the acronym B.L.E.S.S., which are 5 practices that help us toward loving God […]

Book Clubs // Summer 2016

Benjamin Jensen / May 22, 2016

“Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.”  – Mortimer Adler Things around Tempe slow down in the summer […]

Proclaim, serve, and repeat with a never-dulling rhythm

Craig St. John / May 20, 2016
Godliness, Good Works, Gospel, Titus

By Teena Dare Ever wonder why Sunday mornings are so repetitive? From the worship liturgy to the all-of-life interviews to the sermon—we hear […]

We Did It! Our Building Campaign is Finished.

Benjamin Jensen / May 16, 2016

 by Jason Raber —— We did it! We finished our building campaign! We raised $1 million in 3 years. That is no small […]


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