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The Birth of Hope

By Josh Butler Many think of hope as “pie-in-the-sky,” an escapist wishful thinking, disconnected from the hard realities of life today. Christians can […]

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Love Walked Among Us

Craig St. John / January 7, 2019
Love Walked Among Us, Sermons

By Riccardo Stewart Jesus afresh. When it comes to our spirituality, we need regular and consistent times of re-centering on the person of […]

My Sheep Hear My Voice

Craig St. John / December 23, 2018
Advent, Sermons

By Deana Rogers “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood” (John 1:14, The Message). The Word that spoke the […]

The Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

Craig St. John / December 16, 2018
Advent, Sermons

By Deana Rogers When I was a young, my fifth grade Sunday school teacher challenged our little class of five or six ten-year-old […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time . . . Always

Craig St. John / December 9, 2018
Advent, Sermon

By Craig St. John It’s the most wonderful time of the year—words sung by the late Andy Williams that we can’t seem to […]

Skin in the Game

Craig St. John / December 3, 2018
Advent, Sermons

By Josh Butler At Christmas, we celebrate that God’s got “skin in the game.” Literally. The Creator entered his creation in a unique […]

Our Expectations v. God’s Plan for Us

Craig St. John / November 25, 2018
Exiles, Sermons

By Susanne Gonzalez God has rarely met my expectations. Growing up around church, I vaguely knew of him and thought of him mostly […]

For He is my Delight, and I am His

Craig St. John / November 18, 2018
Exiles, Sermons

By Shelia Jones I’m writing about joy, the real joy that comes from connectedness. So, do me a favor. Don’t read these words […]

Powerful Community

Craig St. John / November 11, 2018
Exiles, Sermons

By John Crawford “An epidemic of loneliness.” This is the diagnosis of American society, according to a new study.[1] People in America are […]


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