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We are a local congregation seeking to embody the gospel in all of life in Tempe.


Redemption Tempe
2150 E Southern Ave
Tempe, AZ 85282

(480) 889-3631

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Sunday Services

Join us on Sundays at 9:00a, 11:00a, and 5:00p. Redemption Kids' Ministry is provided for birth through sixth grade at the morning services and birth through 2nd grade at the 5pm service.


Each Redemption Church congregation is led by a team of local elders and staff. The unified body of Redemption (all congregations) is overseen by a Leadership Team.

Andrea Wingate

R/KIDS 5PM Supervisor
About Andrea

I am a child of God, a wife to John, and a mom to Stormy, Chloe and Riley. I work in children’s ministry supervising the 5pm service and working in kids connection.

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Andy Carrillo

About Andy
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Caitlin Anderson

R/Women Director
About Caitlin

I grew up in Southern California and moved to Arizona to attend Arizona State University as a freshman in college. I have been attending Redemption for 13 years where I met my husband. We have been married for 10 years and have four energetic kids: Elliott, James, Josie, and Autumn.  I love reading classic fiction, watching PBS Masterpiece, and Sun Devil Football.

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Cary Landry

About Cary

My wife and I were part of the original start up group for East Valley Bible Church. I started working for EVBC as Director of Facilities & Maintenance in 2005. Went to work for RC- Tempe, reporting to Jeremy Kiehne in 2016.

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Christina Lombardo

Classroom Care Coordinator
About Christina

I love traveling the state of Arizona, like long walks on our ocean-less beaches, poetry (usually in the form of hip hop), spending time with my best friend (aka my husband) and Jesus. I believe sarcasm is a gift of the spirit and the world would be a better place if we all stopped taking ourselves so seriously.

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Craig St. John

Social Media Coordinator & Pastoral Resident
About Craig

Next to being a child of God, the best thing about me is my beautiful wife Jessica, followed by our four kids, Harper, Everett, Emery, and Weston. I currently serve as a pastoral resident, and my primary functions around the church right now are on the communications and Sunday volunteer teams. I’m also a recent seminary graduate and hope to continue to use my experience and education to serve both the local church and eventually the academy in ways that help others fall more in love with Jesus and all people placed in their paths.

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Daniel Zehring

Pastor of Worship Arts and R/Kids
About Daniel

Daniel is the Pastor of Worship Arts and R/Kids for Redemption Tempe. He is married and works with his wonderful wife, Laura. He is thrilled to be Dad to Eleanor, Welsey, and Hazel. As a Phoenix native, he has been planted in Tempe since he attended ASU. Daniel has a long, ongoing list of current and former hobbies including hacky-sack, juggling, unicycle riding, Moped crashing, balancing ladders on his face, lawn care, skateboarding, reading, and cornhole tossing

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Emma Tautolo

With Collective Food Coordinator & Ministry Resident
About Emma

Southern California native and UCLA basketball alum on staff with a sports ministry called Athletes In Action (AIA). Moved to Tempe when AIA placed her at Arizona State to work with SunDevil athletes. She also serves the larger organization by giving leadership to the Lenses Institute, a 5-day cross-cultural training addresssing diversity, power, justice race and the Gospel. She is a lover of the ocean, Pit bulls, road trips and slow mornings.

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Erik Averill

Free Farmers Market Coordinator & Pastoral Resident
About Erik
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Erin Amsden

Worship Lead
About Erin
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Erin Vucurevich

Foster Care & Adoption Mobilization Coordinator
About Erin
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Greg Lindsay

Pastor of Operations & Communications
About Greg

I’ve loved the city of Tempe since I was a student at ASU. During my time there, I was in a fraternity (Pi Kappa Phi), served in a few different student organizations and majored in Public Relations. Shortly after I graduated, I became a believer and started attending R/Tempe. I got to marry my best friend, Michelle, in 2013 just after starting to pursue my Master’s degree at Phoenix Seminary. I began my role at R/Tempe as a Pastoral Resident and oversaw our volunteer teams and today I oversee communications and help translate our church vision into goals for our staff team.

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Havalah Wood

R/KIDS Sunday Prep Team Coordinator
About Havalah

I moved to Tempe 8 years ago from paradise (literally, New Zealand) and fell in love with the desert. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and am mama to Ezra and Joelle. Several friends affectionately call me a grandma because of my hobby choices (crocheting, sewing, baking, etc.). For the past 2 years I have led the R/Kids Sunday prep team; coordinating the craft, activity and curriculum supplies used in our classrooms on Sunday.

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Hudson Garcia

A/V Media Coordinator
About Hudson

I grew up playing music in all types of capacity, including many church worship bands in throughout Arizona. I ended up landing at Redemption Arcadia for a year before I was brought on staff here at R/Tempe in the summer of 2016. I graduated from Scottsdale Community College with an AA in Audio Production Sciences at the end of 2016 and have enjoyed being able to jump right into the field. I feel incredibly grateful that I am able to serve God and the church body through the talents he has given me.

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Jake Slebodnik

Student Ministries Pastor
About Jake

I came to Redemption as a student at ASU and spent the next 4 years interning and being steeped within the family of God.  While I grew up in church, it was not until I began to hear the gospel as an all-encompassing story that I came to love Jesus in college.  Yet though I grew up without knowing the love of Jesus, every Bible story and word from God came alive in me all at once.  God in love did not waste one bit of his word on my heart. This fuels my passion for teaching the word of God in our Jr. High and High school ministries.

I direct Redemption Bloom and Flourish, our Jr. High and High School ministries here at Redemption Tempe. I have a crazy passion for stories of every kind and have found the gospel to be the greatest story the world has ever known. Through the constant retelling of this story, God has blessed me with the privilege of communicating the good news of Jesus to the children of the body of Christ.

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Jamie Goss

R/Tempe Admin
About Jamie

I started attending Redemption Church in 2017, and it was through this community that I met my husband Grant. We have two beautiful boys: Finlay who is here with us, and Royce Quill who is in heaven. Prior to becoming a mom I was a software project manager, and now I love using my planning and organizing skills for the church. I enjoy craft beer, reading as much a mom can, and being outside with my son and husband.

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Jason Raber

Redemption Tempe Elder
About Jason

I have had the privilege of being here at Redemption Tempe since day one. It has been an honor to see how God has moved over the years and I am constantly excited and expectant for what he will do next. A long the way God has blessed me with a great wife (Kate) and four kids (Micah, Sammy, MJ, and Ruthie).

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Jen Hanson

R/KIDS Graphic Designer
About Jen

Mrs. to my Love. Mama to three boys. Artist, actress, lover of books, coffee, coffee, camping, and creativity.

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Jeremy Kiehne

Facilities Director
About Jeremy

I felt God drawing me in at a pretty young age. Long periods in between me listening to Him, or being able to hear from Him. Then in 1996 He captured my heart and the real battle began:) I was baptized in august of 2000.

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Jim Mullins

Pastor of Theological & Vocational Formation
About Jim

Jim Mullins is the pastor of theological and vocational formation for Redemption Tempe and is on the leadership team for the Surge Network. He has worked as a pastor, entrepreneur, nonprofit leader, and a basketball scout in Turkey. He’s married to Jenny, and has an eight-year old daughter named Elliana. They spend their time watching basketball, cooking Middle Eastern food, and being completely ineffective gardeners.

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John Crawford

Director of Communities & Pastoral Resident
About John

I was born and raised in Phoenix, grew up in Scottsdale, became a Christian when I was 22, got married to my beautiful wife Maryke in 2009, have 2 amazing boys named Wyatt and Jonah, been a hairdresser for 14 years, love being bi-vocational, received my undergraduate degree from Arizona Christian University, currently in my Junior year of seminary at the Missional Training Center, enjoy food, reading, basketball, ping pong, and sneakers.

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Jon Cain

Worship Lead
About Jon
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Katie Cain

Worship Lead
About Katie
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Kiersten Traina

Director of Redemption Foster Care & Adoption
About Kiersten
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Laura Zehring

Kids Connection Coordinator
About Laura

I grew up in Chandler, AZ and went to ASU where I studied interior design. My husband and I also met while attending ASU, so Tempe felt like the natural place for us to settle in and raise our family, which now includes 3 great kids. I remember accepting Jesus as a kid after my Sunday School teacher presented the Gospel message in class one morning. Now years later and just a few miles down the road from that experience, I get to be part of a team that fosters that same opportunity for the kids at Redemption Tempe. I love this community of believers and have grown in countless ways here over the years. As Kids Connection Coordinator I want to make it the best place possible for our kids to hear, see and know the truth of the Gospel.

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Megan Farina

R/KIDS Sunday Volunteer Supervisor
About Megan

I was raised in Arizona and graduated from Arizona State University. I live in Tempe with my husband Frank and our three kids.

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Megan Lamy

Communications & Creativity Director
About Megan

I am an Arizona native who was blessed to accept Christ into my life as a child and grow up in the church with a loving, Christian family. I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing and a minor in Communication in 2002. The summer after I graduated college I went to visit a friend in North Carolina and ended up meeting my soon-to-be husband, Trevor (he went to the lesser known ASU of the East Coast). He sacrificially moved out to Arizona shortly after and we got married in 2004. While enjoying a fun career that I loved, I went back to Arizona State in 2007 and completed my MBA, with an emphasis in Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Starting in 2009 and in rapid succession, we welcomed our three energetic children (Evan, Sage, and Hope) with much joy into our family. Outside of loving God and my family dearly, I thoroughly enjoy playing sports, being outdoors, finding creative outlets, eating chocolate, and spending quality time with friends.

Both my husband and I are extremely grateful to have found Redemption Tempe (during the early stages of Praxis on Ash) and to still be a part of what God is doing in and through the people here. I am now honored and humbled to be able to apply my background education and experience in communication, marketing, branding, and public relations to Redemption Kids’ outreach towards families, kids, and volunteers.

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Melissa Stone

R/KIDS Special Needs Coordinator
About Melissa

A true native of Arizona, I returned to the valley in 2012 from North Carolina with my husband, Daniel, after finding out our 2nd child’s medical needs were not going away. God blessed us with two more children to round out a big and messy family of six. I previously graduated from The Master’s College with a degree in Biblical Exposition, but have found my current role as a stay at home mom, spreading the gospel through the special needs community of doctors, therapists and other families. Oh how unexpected and beautiful life is turning out to be as we raise a family that is not typical.

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Mike Jones

R/Tempe Elder Candidate
About Mike

Mike is a 30 year veteran of industry. His experience and skill-set include leadership and administration, corporate development and acquisition, systems analysis and development. Uniquely, recently he served as Pastor of Morristown Christian Fellowship Church in Morristown, Arizona for 8 years. He has a passion to teach. Mike holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Glenville State College and a Master of Divinity degree with a Concentration in Biblical Studies from Gateway Seminary.

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Riccardo Stewart

Lead Pastor of Redemption Tempe
About Riccardo

In 2007 I married Holly and we have been blessed to have two young boys, Noah and Eli.

I grew up in Southern California as a huge sports fan of the Raiders, Lakers and Dodgers. Growing up, my family attended services at Love and Faith Christian Center in South Central Los Angeles. My mother was a great example of a Christian; however, her example was not enough to draw me to Jesus at a young age.

It was through playing football that I had the opportunity to leave California to attend Arizona State University. While playing football at ASU, in my Senior year of College, God begin to work on my heart. For the first time I was able to understand and sense the weight of my sin, and the grace of God was an overwhelming relief and joy. I was led to saving faith through the ministry of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I was pleased to know the saving faith of the Lord and his power to change me.

I received my BA in Elementary Education at Arizona State University and an MA in Global Urban Leadership from Bakke Graduate University in Seattle, WA.

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Rochelle Geryol

Campus Coordinator
About Rochelle

Born and raised in southern California. I Moved to Arizona in 2000. In 2004 I met my husband Erick (he was my boss at On The Border Mexican restaurant), we got married in March 2005. I worked in ministry as a children’s ministry for close to a decade. Since 2005 we’ve opened 3 going on 4 restaurants, had our two children, Josiah (9) & Ireland (7) (who happen to share a birthday). We live in Tempe and LOVE our hood. We love the outdoors, riding our bikes, hospitality and being involved in our community.

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Ryan Arneson

Campus & Families Pastor
About Ryan

My wife Janet and I were married in March of 2002 and we have 4 beautiful children.

We both surrendered to Jesus during our time in college. After that, God put a burden on our hearts to preach the gospel to other students in college, and we spent about 13 years talking with students about Jesus on several college campuses.  In 2009, we felt God had placed us in Redemption Church so when they asked if I would consider becoming a Pastor and Elder, I was honored and accepted.  

It is a great honor and privilege to serve God and His Church.

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Susanne Gonzalez

R/KIDS Director
About Susanne

Redemption has been my home since its early days on Ash, and have been able to serve in R/Kids both as a volunteer and staff member for over 7 years. I love seeing kids of all ages come to our church and experience the love and joy that following Jesus brings, and I’m so grateful to the parents who share them with us! My husband and I have a rottweiler mix pup named Tesla, and we make a pretty awesome trivia team. And sometimes, I make soap.

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Tim Anderson

Counseling & Care Pastor
About Tim

I’ve been married to Sherry for nearly 40 years, raised 4 children and enjoy 11 grandchildren.

Raised in the church, I recommitted my life as a 19 year old finally beginning to understand the fullness of God and the Scriptures.

I love baseball, taking pictures and my motorcycle.

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Will Vucurevich

Mission Collectives & Communities Pastor
About Will

I’ve been married to Erin since 2009 and we have 2 energetic boys, Will and Micah. I started with Redemption Tempe in January 2016 after working in the field of behavioral health/social work. I love helping to equip people to impact our community through the power and wisdom of the gospel.

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On Being a Local Congregation of Redemption Church


Redemption church is multi-congregational in structure. This means that a central governing body provides structure, direction, and support for the ministry of each local congregation. Local congregations, like Redemption Tempe, are united and collaborative, but each has its own leadership and is free to contextualize its efforts. Click on the link below to learn more about the overall structure of Redemption.


We are a non-denominational church with a Reformed view of salvation. We believe that all of life is all for Jesus. We have been saved by grace through faith, which is itself a gift. That gift empowers us to be a transformed people who embody His redemptive power and participate in the renewal of all things.

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We are a sent people. As the church we are not called to turn inward and build our own kingdom. We are called to turn outward and give ourselves to the spread of the Gospel, the establishment of healthy local churches, and the multiplication of disciples. This is a call to invest beyond our church, beyond our tribe, and beyond our generation.

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Community and Global Initiatives

We strongly believe that all members of the body of Christ are sent people, called to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel to the world. Therefore our community and global efforts should never be limited to structured programs. However, in response to the needs in our community, and God's heart for the nations, we do build global partnerships and facilitate opportunities to participate in God's mission of blessing the nations in Christ.


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